Being a real “adult” is hard, isn’t it?
Let’s shoot for the stars together.

My name is Haley Holmlund, and I’m a creative professional…who sometimes feels unprofessional. But really, can anything fully prepare you for life in your 20s?

Gone are the glorious days of student life — turning in assignments at 11:59 pm while eating cookie dough and watching The Office. Being a real adult sometimes means forcing yourself to eat salad, stressing about your 401k, and crashing by 9:30 pm every night.

At this phase of life, it’s so easy to feel alone — but you’re not. And Haley’s Comment (named in honor of “Halley’s Comet”) was inspired by this idea. As we embark on this exciting (but intimidating) journey across the stars, why not do it together? Haley’s Comment covers a pretty wide range of topics for new working professionals — everything from career and culinary tips to travel, productivity, self-improvement, and more!

A little bit about me: I’m an Enneagram 3, ESFJ if you’re into that. I run marketing and communication for a small virtual nonprofit organization. I adore my job! Some other things I love: Jesus, cats, the ocean, volunteering with youth, good books, exploring cities, and watching sunsets with my family. Some things I don’t love: Decaf coffee, cold weather, poor grammar, people who fail to accelerate on freeway on-ramps, Comic Sans, and negativity.

My hope is that together, we can tackle adult life and shoot for the stars. Follow along if you’re interested in traveling with me on this exciting journey, and I hope you’ll find something here encouraging, interesting, or helpful at least once every 75 years.